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Warm Red Floor Sticker Rug

Warm Red Floor Sticker Rug

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The irRUGular rugs are unique floor covers, to whom who wish to add more colors and design to their home, in an original, easy and not expensive way.

The variety of different designs will ensure you find just the right one for your space.

Dominant rich red color will fit in a romantic or eclectic bedroom.

Giving a warm and homey feeling.

5 reasons why the irRUGular sticker rug will perfectly fit your home and lifestyle:

1. Stick easily

The sticker's high quality assures easy use, manually and by one person, when you come to place the sticker at your selected location

2. The easiest maintenance

Our rug is being cleaned while ordinary cleaning the floor (!). There is no need to treat it deferent then any tile or parquet floor, when it is resistant to must popular detergents

3. Non-slipping

Being a sticker, the rug will not move and will not fold, so you will not stumble into it. Having a high-quality anti-slip coating, you will not be slipping over it

4. The cheapest way for immediate design upgrade impact

Having a rug visibility without paying a lot, and enjoy its quality of upgrading any room in your home

5. Stay for long

The high quality of the sticker and print, will assure the sticker last for years and always look great

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
My new love

My rug sticker arrive on time, just placed it and I love my designed livingroom even better :). smart product

Caitlin Williams

I'm impressed by how easy it is to clean and maintain these stickers. The safety of my house has dramatically improved as a result of these stickers. I would advise everyone who has children and pets. These stickers will prevent them from falling over and keep them safe.

Erica Davis

These rug stickers can provide several benefits in a living room. First and foremost, they can help keep rugs in place and prevent them from slipping and sliding, which can reduce the risk of tripping or falling. Additionally, rug stickers can help extend the life of a rug by reducing wear and tear caused by movement.

Philip Jones

An excellent purchase for anyone with a rug that's hard to keep in place. It is easy to stick on the floor.

Tiffany Robinson

These sticker rugs have held up through my heavy-footed family without any issues of slipping around.

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