Our Vision & Values


We aim to inspire people to try new carpets designs with a different approach and create unique, exciting, and welcoming environments in their homes.

We want to be a desirable and leading product in the world of design without compromises in the presence of the carpet and using the significant advantages of a quality sticker with the most natural look.



  • We come to surprise and refresh what people think about carpets.We have a different and unique attitude on rugs place in our daily life environment. We work hard to be original and harder to make it simple. Our product is the fruit of our thoughts and development and its uniqueness is in being simple


  • We are obligated to our clients in three ways. One is by selling the best product in all aspects of producing, high standard materials with top printing quality. Second, standing behind our product by keeping a high-level customer service and lifetime guarantee. Third, keeping a promise of design upgrading with our designed rug stickers


  • We see our product as design groundbreaking and aiming to be a trend leading studio. Looking to grow and develop by creating business and designs cooperations.