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"I've always loved carpets, for adding a rich feeling and uniting the total design. The required maintenance of vacuum and dry cleaning along with all other home tasks while raising four kids, forced me to think of a unique and original way to bring all "carpets values" to my home"

Efrat Agay CEO of irRugular

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irRUGular Questions:

What is the best way to stick it?

Sticking instructions:

1. Make sure the area you wish to place the sticker on, is flat and smooth

2. Clean well the area before applying the sticker, good clean with water and dedicated detergent is good enough. Confirm the floor is totally dry before going to the next step

3. Peel the back sticker's cover, at its narrow side and up to 2 in, and stick to the designated
location on the floor. Make sure it set straight, flat and without any bubble

4. Keep peeling the back cover while sticking the sticker well to place, make sure to press it well against the floor and avoid air bubbles. Do it all the way to the end of the roll

5. Stand, take a step back, and enjoy your new original and colorful addition to the space  

How to clean it?

One of the biggest advantages of the sticker is the ability to clean it while you cleaning the floor, and with the same detergents… just wipe it away.

We do recommend making a test check on a hidden corner, to assure cleaning material does not damage the printing and colors.

Will it last for years?

When treating it according to instructions, it can stay stuck on the floor for years.

The product is for interior use only, and if not placed in direct sun, colors are protected for years and will keep on looking "as new" for a long time.

Do you have more colors, styles and sizes?

All different models and colors are updated on site, and we always aspire to increase our existing large variety.

The first version comes now in one size of 1.2/1.6 m, but other sizes options are about to come.

Can the sticker be torn?

The rug is a high-quality sticker as well as the anti-slip coating, but in case of irresponsible behavior such as dragging heavy objects on its surface the coating will be torn and the sticker will be damage.

What if I want to take it off?

(☹ but why?)... Just easily and with determination start peeling the sticker from one of its corners to the center, the sticker will take off in its entirety.