irRUGular Story

I've always loved design

The ability to make a product desirable, from the existing abundance - amazes me.


I've always looked for originality in design
Facing a product that makes me stop and smile for a moment is one of my favorite experiences.
Any design that makes me think and take a second look is like magic to me.


I always wanted to be a designer
But first I obtained a formal academic degree,
Then I raised four children,
And a moment before I still managed to work in a marketing position.
But then, I completed design studies, at the Institute of Technology in Holon.
Later (2018) I opened my own independent studio.
And a moment later, I'm already thinking every day about the next product.


I've always loved carpets
I love their presence on the floor.
A presence that connects the sofa to the table in the living room, the dining table to the chairs in the kitchen, the foot of the bed to the slippers in the bedroom.
This presence that connects the spaces, that makes the eye see more colors and that brings character to the house.


I've always liked carpets, but not in my house
And I tried.
But it never worked.
Either because the child was asthmatic and the dust didn't do him well.
Or because the kids played soccer in the living room and always slipped and bumped into it.
Or because I was too lazy to pick it up and take it for dry cleaning once in a while.


Then I renovated the house,
And after breaking down walls there remained places without tiles, and I had to put new tiles that were not the same as the original.
I was unhappy with the result, and so the need to permanently cover the strange combination brought the notion of a sticker.
Over time, anyone entering the door did not ignore and was enthusiastic about the carpet and then became more enthusiastic when realizing (after checking themselves) that it was a sticker.

Due to everyone’s enthusiasm, the product was born.



that does not collect dust.
Can be cleaned while  washing the whole house.
that doesn't fold.
that is always in place and always looks good.

For years, above that strange combination of tiles, there is a floor sticker.

And since then in the living room as well,

and in the bedroom.

And after thinking, developing and creating the perfect product, I am proud to bring this refreshing originality to every home, in a variety of models and colors just waiting to make your home all the more decorated.


You haven't seen anything like this yet, look again, it's a carpet :) Simply IRRUGULAR